86 Life Answers. Aquarius by John Mesina

By John Mesina

Aquarius: January 20 - February 18

The Water Bearer.

Honest, probing, amiable, humane, well known, broad-minded, style, detached.

This ebook presents solutions to 86 existence questions about wealth, luck and happiness.

Know thyself and your suitable mate.

Be guaranteed of your destiny.

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56 How to boost your self-esteem Your success in life depends to a great extent on the image you have of yourself. As an Aquarius, you generally project a convivial and confident demeanor to others. But you may not always feel as sure of yourself as you appear. You need people, their praise and appreciation. Yet, you also see things in a unique way and sometimes far ahead of your time.

37 The key to compatibility with each sign A ries’ outgoing, inventive mind, so much like yours, could make you two great pals. Taurus and you are both kindly and creative, despite your lifestyle differences. You like the future and Cancer the past, but in the present you both are intrigued by mysterious topics. You and Leo are equally strong and creative and revere honor and integrity. Virgo and you, both highly mental, will animate one another’s flow of thoughts and ideas. Libra shares your intellectual interests and cool, objective view of life.

GEMINI born May 31 thru June 10 is gregarious and looks for a sense of fun in lover. GEMINI born June 11 thru 20 is unique and wants a companion with an unusual personality. LIBRA born September 23 thru October 2 must have harmony and seeks peace-loving companions. LIBRA born October 3 thru 12 likes surprises and wants a lover who keeps you guessing. LIBRA born October 13 thru 22 is sensitive and needs a complimentary and considerate lover. AQUARIUS born January 20 thru 29 is controversial and wants a lover who is unconventional.

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