A Grammar of Tamashek Tuareg by Jeffrey Heath

By Jeffrey Heath

It is a complete description of Tamashek Tuareg spoken in Mali. The forms lined during this quantity are these of Tamashek within the slender feel, except for Tawellemett yet together with the opposite Malian kinds (Goundam, Timbuktu, Gao, Ansongo, Kidal, and the Gourma quarter south of the Niger River together with Gosi and the outskirts of Hombori).

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Vse-mast-t Fe-Sg-woman-FeSg There are a number of prepositions that can take NP complements. g. -\s3r-9s 'with 3Sg' (instrumental). Such preposition-pronominal combinations are treated as clitics and attach to the clause-initial constituent. There is also a special set of dative pronominals that always appear as clitics. Other clitics, besides object pronominals and pronominal prepositions, are the directionals (Centripetal -\add with dialectal variant -Vidd, Centrifugal -\in). It is possible to get several clitics piled up on a single host, the directionals coming last.

It is reasonable to think that devoicing of /dd/ to tt was productive at an earlier stage of the language, that the currently productive rule is that d is geminated to dd, and that devoicing remains operative as a morphologically specialized process in alternations where tt is well-established. Assuming that the directionality of derivation is verb (input) to nominal (output), the cases of tt (verbs) corresponding to d (nominals) have not been "updated" to conform to the currently productive rule because the nominals have only weak influence on the associated verbs.

There are also a number of plural patterns involving a mixture of ablaut (perhaps just a change of quality in a final vowel) and affixation. 3 Prefix Reduction It was mentioned above that nouns express (local) dependency on a preceding element by undergoing Prefix Reduction. This applies to a subject (but not object) noun after a verb, to a noun functioning as complement of a preposition, and to a noun stem functioning as a compound final. Most nouns have a vocalic prefix -i- in the plural. This PI prefix is audibly reduced to -9- or zero in the relevant syntactic positions.

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