A Latin Grammar by James Morwood

By James Morwood

A Latin Grammar supplies transparent, concise, and simply understood causes of the entire key issues of Latin grammar. With extra positive factors corresponding to a word list of grammatical phrases, a vocabulary record overlaying the entire Latin phrases present in the most textual content, examine counsel, and notes on Roman dates, cash, weights and measures, and names, it guarantees that scholars have the entire help they should supplement their language studying. A Latin Grammar additionally bargains thousands of instance sentences illustrating grammatical issues, an evidence of literary phrases, and a useful advisor to pronunciation. this useful reference is helping scholars carry this influential language to existence.

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Abl. longior longioris longiorl longi5rem longiore n. longioris longiori longius longiore plural m. &f. n. longiore s longiorum longi5ribus longiore s longioribus longiora longiorum longioribus longiora longioribus The superlative declines like bonus, bona, bonum. The following common adjectives have irregular comparison: positive comparative superlative bonus (good) malus (bad) magnus (great) multus (much) paruus (small) melior peior maior plus* minor optimus pessimus maximus plurimus minimus senex (old) iuuenis (young) natu maior natu minor iunior natu maximus natu minimus * plOs in the singular is a neuter noun, declining: plus, pluris, plOrl, plus, plure.

Acr-e acr-is acr-I acr-e acr-I pauper-es pauper-um pauper-ibus pauper-es pauper-ibus pauper-a pauper-um pauper-ibus pauper-a pauper-ibus acr-es acr-ium acr-ibus acr-es acr-ibus acr-ia acr-ium acr-ibus acr-ia acr-ibus plural nom. gen. dat. acc. abl. 1. But f. acr-is; acr-is; acr-T; etc. &f. omnis (all) omn-is omn-T x omn-em omn-I n. omn-e omn-is omn-I omn-e omn-T nom. gen. dat. acc. abl. omn-es omn-ium omn-ibus omn-es (-Is) omn-ibus omn-ia omn-ium omn-ibus omn-ia omn-ibus singular nom. gen. dat.

Dat. acc. abl. egoffl mel mihi me me plural nom. gen. dat. acc. abl. nos (we) nostrum, nostrT nobis nos nobis v tu (you) tUl tibi te te sul (himself, herself) sibl se se uos (you) uestrum, uestri uobls uos uobls sul (themselves) sibi se se Notes 1 Note the way the ablative of these words combines with cum (with): mecum (with me), nobTscum (with us), etc. g. g. unus uestrum (one of you). Possessive adjectives: meus, -a, -um (my)* tuus, -a, -um {your) suus, -a, -um (his own, her own) noster, nostra, nostrum (our) uester, uestra, uestrum (your) suus, -a, -um (their own) *A11 decline like bonus, -a, -um or pulcher, pulchr-a, pulchr-um but the vocative of meus is m l deictic pronouns singular nom.

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