A Reason to Stay by Delinda Jasper

By Delinda Jasper

Ellie loves her homeland, task, and ally Jake. yet Jake is a girls guy that may by no means quiet down. Ellie cannot stand to work out him with different girls anymore, so she is packing up and leaving Cedar Grove and every thing she likes to begin over. an evening of unforeseen ardour makes her begin to imagine might be issues can figure out among them, until eventually she occurs upon a mystery Jake has been protecting for greater than a 12 months. Will their friendship be without end torn aside? Or will Ellie discover a cause to Stay?
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It was even harder than usual to keep his hormones in check. Probably because of what he’d heard upstairs, but maybe it was because tonight would be the last time he would be seeing Ellie this way for a very long time, maybe forever. That thought was a knife in his heart. Ellie picked that moment to look up and notice him standing near the doorway. " she said, as if there was no way she could begin eating without the soy sauce. Truthfully she couldn’t, or at least she didn’t think she could. Ellie had a very precise way of working her way through Chinese food, and the first thing she did involved an egg roll and a ton of soy sauce.

It had felt even better to have Jake’s arms around her while she did it. It was pretty ironic that the root of her problems was how much she wanted to be in his arms, yet whenever she needed comfort that was exactly where she ended up. Just not in the way she wanted. "Now, are you ready for Movie Night? " Jake asked as he squeezed her tighter for a moment, and then let her go. Ellie managed a smile and nod, trying to look cheerier than she felt. She felt downright lonely without his arms around her.

He couldn’t do anything but listen and wish he had the guts to bust through the door and join her in that huge tub. Then he could turn her gasps into screams and release the unbearable heat pooled in his belly. But, he didn’t have the guts. He’d made his decision weeks ago when he’d learned she was moving. He wasn’t going to try to stand in her way. He wanted her to be happy and if moving to Chicago was what it took, then he would make sure that is what she got. If he were completely truthful, he was just down right afraid, too.

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