A Report on the Army Transformation Wargame 2000 by Walter Perry, Bruce Pirnie, John Gordon, Louis Moore, Robert

By Walter Perry, Bruce Pirnie, John Gordon, Louis Moore, Robert Howe

This document analyzes the military Transformation Wargame 2000 and its implications for the method of a military in 2015.

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On the contrary, each game move began with a fresh vignette with new start conditions unrelated to game play during the previous vignette. Assessment produced daily outputs as during the AAN games, but they no longer affected play. , “Funding Two Armies,” Armed Forces Journal International, May 2000, pp. 14–15. : RAND MR-1299-A, 2001. , General (USAF), and Sheila E. S. C. Keeney, R. , “Creativity in MS/OR: Value-Focused Thinking— Creativity Directed Toward Decision Making,” Interfaces, Vol. 23, No.

To support this maneuver, either the CSS units would have to be equipped with FTRs or the combatant commander would have to allocate large numbers of C-130 sorties to sustain the Objective Force units. If C-130s were used, the Objective Force units would be tethered to landing fields. In either case, the combatant command would need to establish secure air corridors. Medical support would be of particular concern during such deep operations. During ATWG 2000, Objective Force units suffered significant numbers of casualties in the early war stages.

Command, although the scenario involved NATO countries. At the time when Blue players discussed this issue, they did not know whether Article V of the NATO treaty would be invoked in defense of Turkey. Article V was not invoked, but several NATO countries formed a coalition against the NIR. S. commander. In a real-world situation, would NATO have operated as an alliance, or would certain NATO countries have formed a coalition of the willing? What command relationships would have emerged in each case?

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