Across the Universe (Star Trek: The Original Series) by Pamela Sargent George Zebrowski

By Pamela Sargent George Zebrowski

The Hawking left Earth through the twenty first Century on a one-way challenge to colonize a far off global. as a result of the relativistic results of pre-warp commute, it is workforce has elderly in basic terms thirty years whereas centuries have handed outdoors the send. while the Starship firm™ involves the rescue of the malfunctioning Hawking, the colonists locate themselves thrust right into a universe and an period that has left them at the back of. Captain Kirk intends to assist the colonists modify as top he can, however the job isn't really an easy one. The novices are survivors of a extra violent, extra paranoid time -- and the have introduced outdated suspicions, and an historical weapon of mass destruction, right into a global of unforeseen demanding situations and hazards.

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And it isn't a threat any more," Kirk said quickly. "It was stopped. We destroyed the thing. A brave man named Commodore Matthew Decker gave his life to stop it. " Cortes sank back in his chair. " "But at least you know now that your original plan was not mistaken," Kirk said. "There might have been a world for you in that system. " "We would have got where we were going if our ship's engine hadn't developed problems we couldn't foresee, and were too ignorant to repair," Tannan said. "We would have had a world to settle if some damned planet-eater hadn't gobbled it up.

He paused and looked around the infirmary, as if trying to make up his mind how to continue. Kirk waited. "The plan, upon reaching our new world," Cortes went on, "was to bring forth children from the protected genetic material stored aboard our ship. But of course that became an increasingly distant goal after we realized that the Hawking was slowing down. Some of us might have decided to have children on board, but that prospect became an unacceptable horror as time dragged on and our ecosystems developed problems of infestation and disease.

Another voice was calling to him through the darkness. " He was lying against something that felt like a couch or a bed. Cortes took a breath, then realized that he was no longer floating, that gravity had slipped its bonds over him once more. He forced his eyes open, blinking against the light. An auburn-haired man with a concerned expression on his face was gazing down at him. This man, Cortes realized, was the twin of one of the apparitions that had so suddenly materialized in the control room of his ship.

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