Advanced Sex Magic: The Hanging Mystery Initiation by Maria de Naglowska

By Maria de Naglowska

The 1st English translation of Maria de Naglowska’s treatise on complex sexual magic practices, Le mystère de los angeles pendaison.

• information Naglowska’s complex occult teachings at the 3rd time period of the Trinity and the spiritually transformative strength of intercourse

• Explains the paranormal erotic striking rituals of l. a. confrérie de l. a. Flèche d’Or [The Brotherhood of the Golden Arrow], the infamous occult order of Nineteen Thirties Paris

• keeps the sexual initiatory teachings first expounded in Naglowska’s The mild of Sex

Available for the 1st time in English, complicated intercourse Magic illuminates the innovative occult teachings of Maria de Naglowska--Russian mystic, esoteric excessive priestess, and self-styled “Satanic Woman” of Nineteen Thirties Paris. Her spiritual procedure, referred to as the 3rd time period of the Trinity, thought of the Holy Spirit (or healthy Spirit) to be female and taught the significance of intercourse for the regeneration of the realm and the uplifting of humanity.

A supplement to her The gentle of Sex, this e-book at the placing secret initiation information her complex teachings at the 3rd time period of the Trinity and the spiritually transformative energy of intercourse and divulges the erotic ritual placing and different sensory deprivation practices of her magical team, l. a. confrérie de los angeles Flèche d’Or [The Brotherhood of the Golden Arrow]. those complex mystical sexual practices have been required for initiation into the brotherhood, and, as Naglowska exhibits, merely during the union of the masculine and the female do we lead to a reconciliation of the sunshine and darkish forces in nature.

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Only a priest, or latterly clairvoyant, could read the message received. This art goes back to and even further than the Egyptians. Gypsies (the word is derived from “Egyptians”) still use the crystal ball today. Hebrew tradition has it that Adam received wisdom from a shining stone, and Nostradamus used a bowl of water, as did Zeus. Geomancy is the ancient from of reading messages from the earth. The word comes from the Greek word for Mother Earth, Ge or Gaia, and mancy or magos, meaning knowledge.

If we are intelligent enough to study the cycle of the heavens and understand this, then it’s possible that our own personal horoscope will, more or less, reveal to us the same patterns locked up in our DNA, being the path of our own life, and also the challenges that are set before us, which we are being encouraged to try and break. It may even be possible to break the program or pattern entirely! 33 H Secret Societies: Gardiner’s Forbidden Knowledge It has now been determined that the information one gets from a personal horoscope is usually about 75 to 80 percent correct, depending of course on the skill of the astrologer—adding that this statistic really stems from the fact that, in general, man has only a limited knowledge about astrology—as much knowledge as he has about everything else, if you take things to the highest level that man can understand at this present stage in his evolution.

This book was intended as a history of the days of old and reveals the purpose of the Watchers: For in his days the angels of the Lord [Elohim— Shining Ones] descended upon the earth [came down from their mountain stronghold]—those who are named Watchers—that they should instruct the children of men, that they should do judgment and uprightness upon the earth. These Watchers, according to the Book of Jubilees, are the sons of god spoken of in Genesis, sent from their heavenly abode to instruct men.

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