African Traditional Religion by Aloysius Muzzanganda Lugira

By Aloysius Muzzanganda Lugira

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A leopard may be accepted in a community not as a mascot, but as a spiritual anchorage of the guardian spirit of a locality. Guardian spirits of a community are A guardian figure of the Kota people of Gabon in Central Africa dating from the early 20th century. It consists of a copper and brass plate attached to wood. It serves to protect the local community and is a focus for prayers and sacrifices. The Spirit World 49 Crossing to the Spirit World Among the Edo people of Nigeria, when someone dies senior family members speak prayers at the burial.

The African Concept of Monotheism In Western religion religious systems are usually classified as either monotheistic, that is, believing in one God, or polytheistic, believing in many gods. In African religion monotheism and polytheism exist side by side. A spirit ceremony is held by the Fon people of Benin, Nigeria, to contact the spirit world. In African traditional religion the spirits are always present, and requests and offerings are made to them for health, prosperity, and protection. 36 African Traditional Religion The Supreme Being 37 Kente cloth, made by the Ashanti people of Ghana, is woven exclusively by men in narrow strips with complex patterns.

These are lesser gods who rank below A Dogon hunter next to the bones of the animals he has killed. The Dogon have a close relationship with the spirits of the animal kingdom, and Dogon hunters were traditionally the members of the tribe who left the protected world of the village to learn what lay beyond. This original role of the hunter is still celebrated in the music and dance of the Dogon. 46 African Traditional Religion The Spirit World 47 the Supreme Being but who often work jointly with him.

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