Algebra of Conscience: A Comparative Analysis of Western and by V.A. Lefebvre

By V.A. Lefebvre

In this publication moral platforms are defined within the language of arithmetic. regularly arithmetic is assumed to be a technological know-how of volume. certainly, manipulation of amounts constitutes a lot of arithmetic. trouble-free utilized arithmetic bargains with reckoning and dimension, the place concrete amounts are gadgets of awareness, reminiscent of counting sheep or weighing corno however the operations on those amounts are played with the aid of symbols, from which concrete referents were 'abstracted out': three + five = eight whether the symbols stand for numbers of sheep or hundreds corno hence, the 1st precept that indicates the ability of arithmetic is abstraction. it's one ofthe 3 pillars on which the edifice of arithmetic rests. one other pillar is precision. regularly, guy communicates by way of phrases. W ords serve conversation to the level that they discuss with issues, occasions, states of affairs, emotions of the speaker, and so forth. those are the meanings attributed to phrases. verbal exchange is profitable to the level that the meanings coded upon phrases through the speaker correspond to the meanings decoded through the hearer. As is weH recognized, the measure ofthis correspondence varies drastically in several contexts of discourse and with the again­ grounds or attitudes of the audio system and hearers. arithmetic is a language within which the meanings ofthe symbols (the 'words' ofthis language) are completely detailed. This precision is completed via abstraction. summary phrases are outlined by means of their family members to different phrases and through not anything else.

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1 One must not send a cheat sheet during a competitive examination, even to a c\ose friend. One must not give false evidence even in order to help an innocent person avoid jail. 6 8 One may give false evidence in order to help an innocent person avoid jail. 5 One may send a cheat sheet during a competitive examination to a c\ose friend. A malefactor cannot be punished more severely than the law requires, even if this may serve as a deterrent for others. 4 7 A malefactor can be punished more severely than the law requires, ifthis may serve as a deterrent for others.

2) Compromise of good and evil is good. In both systems: (3) Confrontation of good and good as weH as compromise of good and good is good. (4) Confrontation of evil and evil as weH as compromise of evil and evil is evil. (5) Evil aware of evil becomes good. The axioms above can be made to correspond in a natural way to ,the following Boolean equations. ' is the sign of compromise. ' is the sign of confrontation. Axioms (1) and (2) reflect the specific of interaction between good and evil. Axioms (3) (4) reflect the assumption that 'by itself good does not turn into evil; neither does evil turn into good.

It transfers the value from input to output. ) The formula aä represents an individual who has an incorrect image of himself. Thus, an individual with a correct image of himself has a higher ethical status. 3, we will interpret the formulae in the first ethical system. 1 represents an individual who sees himself in conflict with his partner band has a correct image of himself. 2 represents an individual who also sees himself in conflict with his partner b, but has an incorrect image ofhimself. Whose ethical status is higher?

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