Alvin Schwartz by Jill C. Wheeler

By Jill C. Wheeler

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Mary Anne turned to confront the blonde. ” she demanded, recalling in a rush the record shop, the looming shape of the man with his vest and gold watch and tweed suit. ” The blonde smiled. “Oh, yes. ” She experienced a kind of horror, as if she were being told about some personal crime. ” “Yes,” the blonde said. ” Her distress was real, again. But after four months it no longer had the same urgency. It had thinned as it receded into time; it was not immediate. “Joe has been in the music business all his life,” the blonde said.

I’ll paste a card over the cash register with your name and address. When someone wants a piano teacher, I’ll send them around. ” “No matter what you do,” Coombs said rapidly, stumbling over his words, “you can never make up for the terrible harm you did us. ” For a moment Coombs stood blinking, and then he melted altogether in a puddle of frenzy. “You should be destroyed,” he said, his teeth chattering. “You’re-“ Page 44 “Let’s go,” Beth said, starting toward the door. ” “I heard a good one,” Schilling said to Danny Coombs.

Thereby he had solved, in his own mind, Mary Anne’s problems. He did not now have much to do with her. For Mary Anne there was little more than the passage of his presence; back and forth, not stopping, he went by and beyond her. The telephone company job she had taken required her to work a split shift. At twelve-thirty at night she reached the apartment, and ate, and changed her clothes. As she changed, her roommate, in bed, read aloud from a copy of the sermons of Fulton Sheen. ” Phyllis asked, her mouth full of apple.

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