Amaryllis by Jayne Ann Krentz

By Jayne Ann Krentz

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Amaryllis studied the contract unhappily. "There won't be any problem focusing his talent. " Byron frowned. " "Yes, but he probably won't go away happy," Amaryllis said. "You know how it is with high-class talents. They tend to be arrogant and difficult. When they don't get the results they want, they usually blame the prism who worked with them. " Clementine's gaze sharpened. "You said it was a security job. " Amaryllis sighed. "Brace yourself, because you're not going to believe this. " Byron's eyes widened.

Byron brightened at that news. " Clementine 26 AMARYLLIS frowned. "I thought this was just a straight security check gig. " "It's no big deal," Amaryllis assured her. Byron refused to be discouraged. "I'll bet Trent has arranged for Amaryllis to masquerade as a member of the catering staff at the reception. " Clementine's brows rose. "I can see her now in a snazzy little black and white server's outfit carrying a tray of hors d'oeuvres. Let's be sure to get a photo before she leaves for the assignment.

Sort of. " Hannah sighed. "This happens every time I try to get your attention long enough to complete this form. You can't make excuses forever. The Synergistic Connections agency is the best matchmaking service in the city-state. They only handle a certain number of select clients. Their list was already filled for the next six months. It wasn't easy convincing them to make room for you. " "I know I'm lucky that you were able to get me registered with Synergistic Connections. I promise I'll call you tomorrow so that we can fill out the form together, but I can't do it now.

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