An Akkadian Handbook: Paradigms, Helps, Logograms and Sign by Douglas B. Miller

By Douglas B. Miller

Students of Akkadian will locate this convenient choice of uncomplicated details to be the right better half via their years of analysis. even though this instruction manual isn't really a substitute for a standard reference works, it summarizes the entire simple source fabrics wanted for the research of Akkadian. integrated are the subsequent: miscellaneous is helping, paradigms of nouns and verbs, a thesaurus of significant right nouns, an index of logograms, an indication checklist with whole signal values, and masses extra.

What is new during this revised and accelerated edition:

— An elevated checklist of universal abbreviations
— a radical bibliography of significant reference works in ten different types, together with websites
— half One: extra and extra thorough lists, together with dialect details for conjunctions, prepositions, and particles
— half : extra nominal and verbal paradigms
— half 3: word list elevated and up to date, content material completely documented and cross-referenced
— half 4: multiplied checklist of logograms
— half 5: entire record of picture symptoms as present in Borger s Mesopotamisches Zeichenlexikon, tagged through his new numbering approach, and cross-referenced to the Deimel method; signal info aligned with MZL for logographic values and with MZL and Das akkadische Syllabar for syllabic values; photograph signal photographs now integrated with the record of determinatives; new indexes
— Can now be used along all significant grammars of Akkadian
— A extra appealing format
— All facts checked opposed to the most recent released reference works

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The practice of marrying relatives’ (< naš gyana ‘relative, lit. ’ dayman baba ʾu-yәmma kiʾéwala brata ʾékela bәṛẉaya brat mắnila . . mắnilu mišpaḥ a dida. ʾaz mәn zʾŭrut̠ kiʾéwala ‘The father and mother always knew the girl, where she had grown up, whose daughter she was . . who her family was. 2 above. 16 Note that the final sibilant of pinidos also becomes voiced in the plural pinidoze. 17 One is, however, justified in continuing to write naš gyana as two separate words in view of the fact that the plural is naš gyana, or našәd gyana, and not *našgyane or something similar.

For example: ʾawṛăham ‘Abraham’ gawgawke ‘peanuts’ ḥ awšiye ‘courtyards’ kawlana (~ kavlana)2 ‘scabbard, sheath’ Historical *ay becomes /e/ in ANA. For example: *qayṭa -¤ qeṭa ‘summer’ Historical *aw becomes /o/ in ANA. 14 above. 4 25 Realisation of Vocalic Phonemes and Diphthongs There is a phonemic opposition between long and short vowels. For example: mare malәp ‘his owner’ ‘that he teach’ măre mălәp ‘owner [of]’ ‘teach! 1 /i/ This phoneme is realised as a close, front, unrounded vowel. 2 /u/ This phoneme is realised as a close back rounded vowel.

For example: mare malәp ‘his owner’ ‘that he teach’ măre mălәp ‘owner [of]’ ‘teach! 1 /i/ This phoneme is realised as a close, front, unrounded vowel. 2 /u/ This phoneme is realised as a close back rounded vowel. 3 /e/ This phoneme is realised as a close-mid front unrounded vowel. 4 /o/ This phoneme is realised as a close mid back rounded vowel. Particularly in stressed and/or open syllabes, /o/ often undergoes a significant degree of fronting. For example, tora ['tʰø:ɾa] ‘bull’, moṯela [mø'θe:la] ‘she brought’ and kawód [kʰa'wø:d] ‘honour, respect’.

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