Angels of Grace by Anselm Gruen

By Anselm Gruen

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As fact slips and time stands nonetheless, Consuela reveals herself thrust into the area of the stream. faraway from all she loves into this transferring global overlapping our personal, Consuela quick discovers she has the ability to step out of her earthly dermis and cloak herself in new ones-skins made up of the area round her, made from water, hearth, air.

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A steamy assortment from Bertrice Small, who "creates cover-to-cover ardour" (Publishers Weekly) Carla, Tiffany, Nina, and J. P. have already gotten significant play at the Channel, a mystery, women-only interactive cable community. Now they are going to perform much more fantasies with a set of seductive characters they might simply meet of their goals.

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She doesnt just greet her cousin out of doors but goes inside her house, into her heart. They are both open to each other. Thus the mystery of meeting can take place, which transforms them both. Then both come into contact with the original image of themselves that God made for them. The child in Elizabeths womb jumps for joy that she remembers the true image of God in herself. In Mary she recognizes the mother of her Lord. In her Magnificat song of praise Mary recognizes her life's mystery. She knows the Lord has regarded the lowliness of his handmaid and done great things to her.

But it can also consume me, if I allow myself to be controlled by it. Sexuality can bring me to life, but it can also take me over. Fullness of living does not come from repressing or giving full rein to the passions, but from awareness in the way we handle them. Those who live without passion lack bite, lack force, lack fullness of life. Many Christians have killed off their passions by sheer striving for correctness. They have become boring. They are no longer the salt of the earth, no longer seasoning for our world, but insipid and dull.

There is the Angel of Sisterhood, who looks after us like a mother. She is not the big mother who swallows us, but she gives sisterly loving care. She does not stand over us but sits beside us. She is tender and understanding. She discovers needs that a mother cannot fulfil. Then there are sisters of the same age, companions on the way. With brothers you go together through thick and thin. With sisters you have intense conversations and you touch strings in yourself which with brothers would remain mute.

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