Anti-tank helicopters by Steven J. Zaloga

By Steven J. Zaloga

Anti-tank helicopters. forefront forty four КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Автор:Steven J.Zaloga,Geordge J.BalinНазвание: Anti-tank helicopters Издательство: Osprey Publishing На англ яз. leading edge 44Год: 1986 г.Формат: PDF Размер: 19,8 Мб История вертолетов, предназначенных для борьбы с бронетехникой. Модели, участие в боевых действиях. Фото,цв.рисунки. eighty five 1 2 three four five

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It struggled on over northern France until the early hours of the following morning, when, already flying at very low altitude, it began to dive. The nose was brought up and the ship levelled but then began a shallow dive, forcing it down, quite gently, into a hillside near Beauvais, about 40 miles north of Paris. 100, one of two airships built as part of the Imperial Airship Scheme. It departed on its inaugural flight to Montreal, Canada, on 29 July 1930, completing the journey in a little under 79 hours.

Having run out of flares, Montague continued to indicate the position by firing a Lewis gun at the sea. The trawler dropped two more depth charges, bringing more oil to the surface, and then a motor launch joined them, launching two depth charges, which brought forth another rush of bubbles and a little more oil. 23A returned to base after a patrol of 9 hours 45 minutes. The weather also conspired against the airships in their war against the U-boats. 23A) patrolling above a convoy searching for enemy submarines and mines.

Diameter 79ft Overall Height 92ft Engines 5 x 250hp Sunbeam Maori 4 5 Est. Max. ft Gross Lift 59 tons Disposable Lift 26 tons 7 8 KEY 1 Strips of linen fabric laced to frame girders to form envelope. 2 Narrow linen fabric strips glued to seal envelope strips. 3 Cord mesh to prevent gasbags chafing against girders. 4 Gasbags (19 in total). 5 Main circumferential frame girder. 9 10 12 6 Auxiliary circumferential frame girder. 7 Envelope aluminium doped to reflect sunlight and reduce gas expansion. 8 Tail fin with rudder.

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