Applying Psychology in Business by John W. Jones, Brian Steffy, Douglas Bray

By John W. Jones, Brian Steffy, Douglas Bray

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Those are precisely the conditions under which a team is least likely to succeed, so it is no wonder that teams in those organizations are reputed to be ineffective. What is an effective group is a difficult question to answer in the abstract, and, in the absence of an answer, it is difficult to understand and/or predict the conditions that will increase group effectiveness. Thus, is a group effective when its members are happy with the group experience, when the group produces a high volume of products, when the group has few products returned to it to correct defects, when the group functions harmoniously, when there is low turnover from the group, and/or when the leader of the group obtains a promotion?

Personality Characteristics of the Accident-Involved Employee Curtiss P. Hansen 801 81. A Behavior-Based Safety Management Process Thomas R. Krause 813 82. Providing Disability Management and Rehabilitation Counseling Services in the Workplace Rochelle V. Habeck, Stephen J. O'Connor, and Michael J. Leahy 825 83. Screening for Psychopathology: Industrial Applications of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory James N. Butcher 835 84. Personnel Selection to Control Employee Theft and Counterproductivity John W.

Some of the organizationally sponsored programs reviewed include employee assistance, substance abuse, physical fitness, and merger stress management programs. An additional chapter reviews emerging legal rights of employees relating to adverse consequences of workplace stress. Part IX, Managing Safety and Security, addresses the personality characteristics of accident-involved employees and using psychological testing to identify high-risk applicants and employees. A comprehensive review of other safety management programs is provided in subsequent chapters, including how to employ disability management and rehabilitation counseling services.

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