Aquila in the New World (Aquiliad, No. 1) by somtow sucharitkul, S. P. Somtow

By somtow sucharitkul, S. P. Somtow

On this exchange Earth, Rome ideas all...including the recent global, recognized in different dimensions as the United States yet the following as Terra Novo.

General Titus Papinianus is governor of that untamed land, and Aquila, leader of the savage Lacoti country, is a Roman senator. yet reputable titles apart, their accountability is to Caesar. So while Caesar sends them on a quest for the fabled land of China, considered someplace in Terra Novo, off they move.

They are rarely ready for bloodthirsty Aztecs, flying machines, time-traveling extraterrestrial beings, or Bigfoot—and Aquila's problem-solving suggestions are unconventional to claim the least!

Before they realize it, their adventures lead them into the arms of the Time felony, who's bent on changing all of the a number of universes to fit his personal evil whims. by some means they must cease him...before their international is destroyed!

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I got a good hit on a bag he was carrying. ” Terryn nodded. ” Laura didn’t respond. Working as part of InterSec was an exercise in cooperation and misdirection. She’d lost track of the number of law-enforcement agencies involved, and none trusted any of the others. She was proof of that. She’d gone undercover in most of the agencies at some point. She threw off the bedsheet and swung her feet around to the floor. ” Terryn arched an eyebrow. “I imagine Cress would know. ” She held the back of her hospital gown closed more for courtesy than any sense of embarrassment.

As she reached the crates, he rose with a fiercely determined face. Laura ducked as he gestured, pale blue essence crackling from his fingers. The machinery nearby warped the strike, sending it off target. Laura reached out with her own ability and reflected the bolt back at him. It splintered in two, one branch arcing back to the crates, the other hitting the workstation next to Laura. The Inverni ducked. Laura’s right side burned incandescent white as her body shield absorbed the backlash. She released her shield to deflect the overflow into the floor.

He bowed his head. “I’ll tell Cress you have something to do. I want you back here as soon as possible, and if you feel at all ill, I want you to return immediately. ” “Thanks,” she said. She paced along the bed, her lack of memory gnawing at her. Her entire life was based on remembering-her name, her history, her work. One misstep could not only expose the Guild’s or InterSec’s unauthorized involvement in cases, it could get her killed. She didn’t mind if the Guild or InterSec was embarrassed.

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