Artillery Equipments of the Napoleonic Wars (Men-at-arms 96) by T.Wise

By T.Wise

Forty стр, около forty черно-белых фотографий и русунков, eight цветных вкллек.
Выпуск посвящен артиллерии времен Наполеоновских войн.
Дан внешний вид орудий, основные боеприпасы, конструкция лафетов, передков, конской упряжи, положение орудия во время перевозки, вспомогательное оборудование (зарядные ящики, телеги, полевые кузницы) и т.п.
Много фотографий орудий и снаряжения из музейных коллекций.

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The attack passes between Ssofijewka and Prokowka and subsequently turns south. 8-15 November 1943: Employment of dismounted tank crews in two infantry companies. Three Tigers lost. Total tanks: 14. 10 November 1943: All 14 Tigers in maintenance. ' 15 November 1943: Defensive positions occupied northeast of Ljubimowka; approximately twenty tanks are knocked out. 16 November 1943: Fighting positions occupied east of Ljubimowka; the battalion covers the withdrawal movements of the front. Oberleutnant Bayer destroys ten tanks.

In the evening, covering positions are occupied in Popowka. Operational tanks: 7. 10 March 1943: Tanks are short of fuel; no gains. Operational tanks: 6. 7, south of Kryssino (for the attack on Bogoduchoff). 11 March 1943: Attack to the northeast via the Merla Sector near Moltschany. Mter two hours of fighting, Bogoduchoff is reached in a pincer movement from the east via Ssennjanka at 1130 hours. Pursuit of the enemy as far as Leskowka and Schtscherbaki. In the evening, fighting positions in Ssennjanka are occupied.

Pursuit in a right-hand bypass operation and establishment of contact northeast ofWerchopenje. During the subsequent attack, an antitank-gun belt is contacted. 5. Advance commences only up to the defile southwest of Nowosselowka. Rest positions established; more than thirty enemy tanks are spotted at dawn. Three Tiger Is still operational. 10 July 1943: Mter defending against enemy counterattacks on the line east ofWerchopenje-Beresowka-Dolaij, the road four kilometers west of Werchopenje is crossed.

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