Atmospheric Aerosol. Source/Air Quality Relationships by Edward S. Macias, Philip K. Hopke, Chemical Congress of the

By Edward S. Macias, Philip K. Hopke, Chemical Congress of the North American

content material: New advancements in receptor modeling thought / S.K. Friedlander --
the appliance of issue research to city aerosol resource answer / Philip okay. Hopke --
Composition of resource parts wanted for aerosol receptor types / Glen E. Gordon, William H. Zoller, Gregory S. Kowalczyk, and Scott W. Rheingrover --
evaluate of the chemical receptor version of aerosol resource apportionment / John A. Cooper --
The cutting-edge of receptor types pertaining to ambient suspended particulate subject to assets / John G. Watson, Ronald C. Henry, John A. Cooper, and Edward S. Macias --
Air particulate regulate approach improvement : a brand new procedure utilizing chemical mass stability equipment / John E. center, Patrick L. Hanrahan, and John A. Cooper --
Chemical species contributions to gentle scattering via aerosols at a distant arid website : comparability of statistical and theoretical effects / J.R. Ouimette, R.C. Flagan, and A.R. Kelso --
Aerosols from a laboratory pulverized coal combustor / D.D. Taylor and R.C. Flagan --
Elemental composition of atmospheric high-quality debris emitted from coal burned in a latest electrical energy plant built with a flue-gas desulfurization method / J.M. Ondov, A.H. Biermann, R.E. Heft, and R.F. Koszykowski --
assets and fates of atmospheric polycyclic fragrant hydrocarbons / Ronald A. Hites --
Atmospheric particulate natural topic : multivariate versions for determining resources and estimating their contributions to the ambient aerosol / J.M. Daisey and T.J. Kneip --
an automatic thermal-optical technique for the research of carbonaceous aerosol / Richard L. Johnson, Jitendra J. Shah, Robert A. Cary, and James J. Huntzicker --
Wintertime carbonaceous aerosols in la : an exploration of the position of elemental carbon / M.H. Conklin, G.R. Cass, L.-C. Chu, and E.S. Macias --
Carbonaceous city aerosol : fundamental or secondary? / Lih-Ching Chu and Edward S. Macias --
Comparisons among size-segregated resuspended soil samples and ambient aerosols within the western usa / T.A. Cahill, L.L. Ashbaugh, R.A. Eldred, P.J. Feeney, B.H. Kusko, and R.G. Flocchini --
Aerosol composition when it comes to air mass activities in north China / John W. Winchester, Michael Darzi, Alistair C.D. Leslie, Wang Mingxing, Ren Lixin, and Lü Weixiu --
assets of airborne calcium in rural imperative Illinois / Donald F. Gatz, Gary J. Stensland, Michael V. Miller, and Alistair C.D. Leslie --
The impact of Owens Dry Lake on air caliber within the Owens Valley with implications for the Mono Lake sector / J.B. Barone, L.L. Ashbaugh, B.H. Kusko, and T.A. Cahill.

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40. 8 40. 5 L i m e s t one 30. 150. 0 16. 15. 188. 6 34. 7 11. Sulfate 28. 0 90. 0 1. 43. 4 13. Paint 5. 0 37. 0 25. 128. 2 65. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1981. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1981. 23. 09 11. 6. 49. 4 135. 1 480. Motor Vehicle 21. 36. 4570. 21. 30. 0 12. 0 21. 9 120. Sulfate 170. 420. 62. 0 49. 52. 8. 3 120. 2 16. 0 2. 4 14. 46. 0 37. 1 12. 0 9. 0 27. 60. 0 11. 45. 9 11. 81. 6 57. 2 16 680 Total Predicted Average point-by-point error i n p r e d i c t e d and measured data.

Acad. , 1980, 338, 126. 28. Gladney, E. S. D Thesis, University of Maryland, 1974. 29. Fisher, G. L . ; Crisp, C. E . ; Hays, T. L. Carbonaceous Particles in Coal Fly Ash. In Proceedings of the Conference on Carbonaceous Particles in the Atmosphere, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Report LBL-9037, CONF-7803131, UC-11, 1978. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1981. 2. HOPKE Urban Aerosol Source Resolution 49 30. Kowalczyk, G. S. Concentration and Sources of Elements on Washington, D.

7 107. 9 240. 5 53. 130. 19. 0 15. 16. 7 36. 07 5. 0 6. 7 34. 110. 8 90. 1 28. 0 7. 0 22. 48. 6 36. 7 65. 5 46. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1981. ATMOSPHERIC AEROSOL 40 motor v e h i c l e exhaust w i l l vary from c i t y to c i t y and i s dependent on the r a t i o o f leaded g a s o l i n e to unleaded and diesel-powered v e h i c l e s . The c a l c u l a t e d source p r o f i l e f o r the r e f u s e f a c t o r , w i t h high c o n c e n t r a t i o n s of c h l o r i n e , z i n c , and l e a d , i s s i m i l a r to t h a t measured by Greenberg and coworkers(25) f o r the N i c o s i a M u n i c i p a l I n c i n e r a t o r near Chicago.

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