Blood Oath (Babylon 5, Book 3) by John Vornholt

By John Vornholt

While a ruthless ambassador is assassinated, defense leader Garibaldi and Commander Susan Ivanova subscribe to the victim's enraged assistant Na'Toth in a look for the killer, in basic terms to discover themselves the pursuits of a blood oath.

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Let's think about that. What could he mean? The most famous scene from Twain is probably the scene where Tom Sawyer gets his friends to whitewash the picket fence. Then you've got Injun Joe chasing them around the cave, and the scenes with Polly, but I don't know how they relate to any of this. " Garibaldi caught his breath. " asked Ivanova. "There's a scene where Tom and Huck watch their own funeral," repeated Garibaldi. He stared at Ivanova. " "I thought I saw him die," the commander whispered.

If you know all of that, then you also know that we're an official delegation. " Al Vernon laughed nervously. "That is one reason why I must appeal to you, sir. I've managed to come this far—1 only just arrived—but I find myself short of funds for the journey to Homeworld. " asked Garibaldi, sounding doubtful. "Been there, sir? Why, I lived there for ten years! Have a wife there, I do. Well, she's an ex-wife by now, I should imagine. " Now Garibaldi was intrigued. " "No, not often," admitted Al.

She demanded, flashing the newspads in his face. T'Kog pointed innocently behind them. "A man down there, he was giving them away. " Mi'Ra had already leveled her PPG and was scanning the shadows when she heard a voice spring from inside a dust devil. "Don't be afraid, my dear," it crooned. She knew this disembodied voice was a trick—some said the Thenta Ma'Kur had learned it from the techno-mages—but the assassins had made it their own. The young Narn woman moved in a crouch with her pistol drawn, trying to find the source of the voice.

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