Bactine by Paul Kater

By Paul Kater

A steampunk sci-fi tale in regards to the adventures of a soldier in intergalactic provider, after being shipped off to a really impressive planet. crusing is absolutely not an analogous again...

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No music and bars 33. Shipyard 34. Strange Aldrick 35. Getting ready 36. Airship 37. It's dangerous 38. Win one, lose one 39. Missing 40. Daniel Detective 41. Senator Sygra Dirrit ko Asac 42. Kitty cat 43. Blood shed 44. An unexpected encounter 45. Investigations 46. When things blow up 47. Another shed 48. The cellar 49. Guerilla 50. The start of things 51. Preacher 52. I come to help 53. Clelem 54. Kernak 55. At the shipyard 56. Coping 57. Time waster 58. A job for a hero 59. Preachers and inventors 60.

Moon base (2) Daniel carefully opened the door and glanced through the slit. The corridor seemed empty, most of the folks shooting at the military team were in a side corridor. Checking the entire corridor quickly, he slipped out of the office as once more the floor shook and trembled. Parts of the ceiling rained down on him as he made his way to the action. Just as he reached the turn in the corridor, a heavily armed figure came round it, his armour blackened from impacts of phase-pistols. A sound emerged from the person, who raised a large gun.

They all were trainees, like Daniel, and with the program since a few weeks already. Troy, one of the men, was about to go out on missions again, Daniel learnt, and the other two still had some time to go before they were ready. It made him wonder how long the training would be. Shrugging it off did not work. With four Rebuilt people in there, Wilma's office was rapidly filling up. " she said. Troy made a remark about how glad she should be with all the male presence. Daniel frowned at that. Wilma was not a pretty woman, but he was certain she was good for her job, and that was what counted.

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