BATMAN WIDENING GYRE #4 Of 6 by Kevin Smith, Walter Flanaga; Art Thibert

By Kevin Smith, Walter Flanaga; Art Thibert

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She had a feeling it was amateur, any passkey twitched from such a collection of stale-isms as Uchitel’s Aubade had to belong to a mind-set far removed from the life views of the math techs she knew, the ones who made a profession of locking things away. She came up with a run that was so familiar it was almost comic. She tried it. No. He’s a hair smarter than that. Or she. Whichever. Shayss damn, I wish I had… She glanced at Kikun who lay inert, eyes staring at things she’d never see-and didn’t particularly want to.

No help there. She pulled the possibles onto the screen, frowned at them, glanced at her ringchron. Time was passing. Right. The complicated one. Fussy. Canon of a kind. Stupid kind. Goerta b’rite, let this work. She cast the new recording at the ship and wiped the sweat off her face as the lock hummed open and an otto-docker caught hold of the tiny shuttle, eased it toward the gap. ” 3 Kikun drifted about the bridge, touching things, sniffing at them, occasionally standing with his eyes closed, swaying a little, humming softly under his breath.

She was in the Hole when Omphalos took it, nowhere near the ship. She might be dead, but if she was, they killed her here. His stomach knotted, but he was cold, cold and calm. Watch them. Note their weaknesses. Study them like you have studied your target worlds. Already he had a growing list of soft spots. They prioritized wrongly, put self-service above all else including the projects most important to them. They were willfully blind to the realities of emotional response. Threat, coercion, pain, these things contained their own rot; short term they seemed to work, in the end they failed.

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