Bear Daughter by Judith Berman

By Judith Berman

A beautiful new author of mythological fable takes readers to an international of experience, discovery, and transformation in her appealing and evocative debut novel. whilst a twelve-year-old wakes up as a human girl-instead of a bear-one cloudy morning, she embarks on an exhilarating trip via either mortal and immortal worlds to fix her prior, face her fears, and keep all the geographical regions during which she treads.

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He picked a single currant from his dish, placed it between his wrinkled lips, and chewed. ” Cloud looked at her lap. “She has been as you see her,” said Glory sharply. “A girl for good, maybe,” Bone mused. “But then why start on four legs? ” “Perhaps only her father’s people know,” said Glory. Bone peered at Cloud. As he leaned closer, the cold wind made the campfire shrink down and smoke. In the restless light his wrinkled face twisted fantastically. “But perhaps she knows, too,” said Bone. ” But again Glory herself had said nothing.

Oh, darling,” Thrush would cry, and rush to her, comforting Cloud in her arms while Cloud wept from the pain and humiliation. But Thrush did not come. As the beating went on, Cloud realized that Thrush would never come. Cloud’s few mo­ ments with Thrush had been stolen, and now that the theft had been discovered, there would be no more of them. She did not know when the beating stopped. At some point she became aware of Glory shaking her. “Come, child. ” Cloud slid backward onto her knees. Glory wanted her to stand, but she couldn’t.

Aunt Glory let out her breath sharply. ” She stroked Cloud’s hair. “Cloud, you have to learn to control yourself no matter what hap­ pens. You’re not a baby. ” “Don’t ever say that word—” Glory began, furious. ” “No, child, no! ” Cloud shut her eyes, more tears welling out. She could recall the strength coursing through her limbs, but it now felt as far away as the land beyond the ocean. ” Glory said. ” Glory covered Cloud with a blanket and departed. Cloud found she was clutching something tightly in her fist.

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