Beautiful Red by M. Darusha Wehm

By M. Darusha Wehm

The long run is uninteresting. expertise has solved the world's such a lot urgent difficulties, leaving individuals with tedious paintings and mundane play. Jack is a safety Officer category five, which sounds vital, yet is not. although, her banal existence as a cubicle employee through day and tinkerer by means of evening is interrupted while she discovers that her employer's computing device method has been invaded. Jack enlists assistance from her merely acquaintances - her co-worker, Gilles and Adrian, an internet buddy she's by no means met - to assist her tune down the resource of the invasion. Her research leads her to a shadowy crew referred to as the purple, the place Jack learns that no longer everybody lives a lifetime of quiet servitude. even supposing she believes that the crimson are liable for a chain of grotesque assaults, Jack starts off to turn into interested in their worldview. In her look for the folk chargeable for the assaults, she confronts the leaders of the gang in addition to her personal burgeoning feel of self-awareness.

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You saw it, too? Š Nothing wrong with it, though, officially. Š You going in? >> > >>How did you know? >Don't read someone's reports every day and not figure out a thing or two. >>Back me up? >'Course. Š What's your handle? >aces04 >>aces04? >I play cards. Š You'll know me as jackalantrn. Š Later, dude. Š "jackalantrn to aces04, secure," she said into the mouthpiece and almost immediately heard Gilles' voice as if he were in the room with her. " ŠŠ Š"I'm going to break in to Buyside's system and find out who or what was connecting to our Eastern system," she said matter of factly.

Obviously, not many people took advantage of this feature, so it was unusual enough that Jack instinctively noticed, even though the system wouldn't flag this kind of connection. Š As far as Jack could figure, there was no good reason why someone would access the Bellis system from within the Buyside system, unless someone from Buyside was trying to get access to private Bellis documents. Š Jack wasn't involved in big finances, no one who wore a uniform could afford to be, but she knew enough to realize that inside poop would be pure platinum to an outfit like Buyside.

She tried to get her coffee without arousing him, but it was not to be. Š Jack suspected he spent a lot of time at home with a fabric gun flattening pockets and tapering legs. Š Really, he was an entertaining enough fellow, it was just that his obsession was a little bit too over the top for Jack, especially before her second coffee of the day. Š Thankfully, the reports Gilles left fell soundly in the latter camp. Š Still no water. Š Think I’m in love. Š It’s over between us. Š Lucky to have access at all.

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