Biology and Management of Multiple Myeloma (Current Clinical by James R. Berenson

By James R. Berenson

Specialist physicians and medical researchers summarize and clarify the entire fresh advances within the biology and remedy of bone marrow-based malignancy. at the organic facet, the authors convey the features of the malignant cellphone and describe the numerous roles performed via oncogenic alterations, chromosomal anomalies, Kaposi's sarcoma herpes virus, and cytokines. New epidemiological findings and prognostic components also are analyzed. at the scientific part, the authors offer a finished assessment of traditional remedy regimens, in addition to a dialogue of more recent experimental methods regarding immunologic concentrating on, inhibitors of drug resistance, and antitumor brokers.

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More detailed molecular analyses designed to identify correlations between chemical levels in body tissues with the direct assessment of DNA damage will be helpful (9,45). Carefully studied cases of high-level benzene or petroleum product exposure in individuals who developed MM have been informative. For example, in a case involving a patient who developed a plasmacytoma in the jaw (followed by widespread myeloma), this occurred at the site of chronic exposure to a petrochemical-containing dental adhesive since childhood.

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