Bodily Sensations by D.M. Armstrong

By D.M. Armstrong

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Cases may be cited to show that mistake is possible after all. First let us distinguish between the felt location of bodily sensations and their other felt features-such as the quality of the sensations or their intensity. For the moment, let us lump all these other features together and call them the 'qualitative' features of our sensations. ' We will consider each question in turn. ' Somebody has experienced severe pain in the region of the heart. On describing the nature of the pain to a doctor, he learns that it is a symptom of a serious heart condition.

But what about the arguments that we produced for the existence of unfelt bodily sensations when distracted? Do they not point to a more full-blooded existence for unfelt bodily sensations? I do not think so. After a period of excitement, I may remark that I still have the same headache that I had before the 1 It is embarrassing to be asked, for instance, whether our sensation did or did not retain exactly the same qualitative characteristics, and the same bodily location, during the period of distraction.

Why cannot we identify the intransitive bodily sensations with bodily sense-impressions also? 'My hand feels sore' will now be compared with 'My hand feels hot' where 'feels hot' is not taken to imply (or exclude) my hand being hot in physical reality. If we take this view, we shall find that the objections brought against the identification of intransitive bodily sensations with sensible qualities quite lack force. Instead, we are provided with a number of striking resemblances between sense-impressions and intransitive bodily sensations.

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