Bound by a Promise by Diana Palmer

By Diana Palmer

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In selected, a tender caseworker turns into more and more entangled within the lives of adoptive and beginning mom and dad, with devastating effects. all of it starts with a myth: the caseworker in her "signing bureaucracy" charcoal swimsuit status along beaming mom and dad cradling their followed child, set opposed to a fluorescent-lit delivery-room backdrop.

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A Boston Globe bestseller "Nothing below an absolutely learned imaginative and prescient of a tender complex woman. " —Entertainment WeeklyTomboy Alice Bliss is heartbroken while she learns that her father, Matt, is being deployed to Iraq. Matt will pass over seeing Alice blossom right into a full-blown youngster: she'll discover ways to force, sign up for the song staff, visit her first dance, and fall in love—all whereas attempting to be robust for her mom, Angie, and her precocious little sister.

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Kate,” she replied. “Kate…Jones,” she added untruthfully, to throw him off the track. ” She turned. ” The request shocked her—if it was a request. He’d made it sound like a royal command. Getting too close to him now could be horribly dangerous. But when she saw the quiet anguish in his face that peeked for an instant out of the impassive mask he wore, she couldn’t refuse. ” she asked in a thin voice. “At the cabin. About nine in the morning. I’ll have Yama set breakfast for two. ” he added gruffly, as if he wasn’t used to making requests and hated even the idea of asking for anything.

He doesn’t own the lake,” Kate said stubbornly, remembering too well the cold voice telling her if she didn’t stop “driving over the lake like a maniac” he’d have the lake patrol after her. She’d told him where to go, recognizing him immediately from photos she’d seen in news magazines, and zoomed off in Maude’s little light cruiser. Since that day, she’d seen him often walking alone on the beach, but he’d never spoken to her again, and she’d never allowed him close enough to make it possible.

Maude got into the rented car and closed the door. “ don’t know when I’ll get to come home. When you finish the manuscript, mail it to Benny and start working on the next one I’ve drafted on tape. ” Kate squeezed the thin hand through the open window. “Thank you,” she added. ” “For hiring me. For caring about me. For putting up with me,” Kate said, her eyes like burnished gold in her oval face. Maude smiled. ” she corrected. “Little one, I’m quite fond of you. If I’d had the good sense to marry in my youth, I’d have a daughter your age.

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