Bubbles in the Bathroom by Susan Martineau

By Susan Martineau

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The ones who were calling the statue home. He heard Lys gasp. " she exclaimed, making the mercenary's name sound like a curse. " The mercenary turned to face her. "I kept telling you the statue was mine to sell," he said. "And I needed the money to buy back my dagger. " Randal felt his stomach churn. All of our lives count for less with him than his blasted knife. He looked in vain for some expression of remorse, or even of satisfaction, in Dagon's face-anything that would help him understand what had just happened.

Randy," Nick whispered, "you'll have to do something stronger. " "They're just trying to get us to drop the statue," Randal said in a ragged voice. He was exhausted, like a man who had run twenty miles to bring bad news. "They won't do anything to endanger it. " "Maybe you should just put it down on the pavement and walk away," suggested Lys. " "No," said Randal. "I can't do that. " You know better than that, said a voice in his mind. The old woman in his dream had spoken in just the same quiet, silken tones.

He was aware of the other, real statue somewhere in the city, a source of power calling out to him to be used. The protection I've put on it is completely gone. But this time he resisted the temptation to tap into that deep well of mystic energy. Whatever I do, it must be my own effort now. Randal reached the inn and climbed the stairs to the dirty room. The local customs apparently included minding one's own business-no curious heads had turned as he passed through the crowded downstairs common room.

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