Building Up: The Novelway Prototype Shop, Crisis On First by James E. D. Cline

By James E. D. Cline

This primary of the 4 technology fiction novels by means of Jim Cline facilities round the adventures of establishing the 1st Anchored Tether house Elevator, the 1st wheel-type area Station in Low Earth Orbit, And the 1st Kinetic strength Supported Transportation constitution to Geostationary Earth Orbit. it's also the linked brief tales and the technical historical past of the options in those tales.

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Eventually the additions were done laterally, gradually forming the tether into two parallel ribbons that flowed between the earth and space pulleys. When the weight of another layer of ribbon girth equaled the weight of a solar panel for the GEO satellite, for the next several circuits of the tether loop, instead of tether material going up, solar panels went up, clamped on the ribbon as it left the deck of the floating island, and stripped off just before reaching the pulley in GEO. The original design of the GEO satellite had provision for robotically distributing and attaching the added solar panels, which enabled lift of greater loads up thereafter.

Most of them clustered near each other, an unconscious reaction to the really unnatural world they were now in, a small fragment of the teeming population for which it was designed and built. All of them had participated in the debugging of this area when the wheel of habitat segments was assembled on the New Mexico desert floor before launches, so it was not that strange in some ways; but that the gravity was so small compared to what had been there during the test habitation, it was a weird change to the otherwise familiar.

She asked. He nodded a yes. In reality they were another two months debugging the wheel-shaped space habitat as it sat on the ground. Its solar panels received only a tenth of what they would have in space, so the energy to run air conditioning inside was marginal, during the hot summer days of New Mexico. Debugging the far too many interactive systems, both machine systems and living systems, all of which had to operate within certain ranges of the parameters, had some wild swings in some values that had to be stabilized adequately before it would be ready to be put into space.

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