Calendar Girl by Naomi Neale

By Naomi Neale

After spending such a lot of her twenties in limboworking at seasonal jobs and courting a chain of commutement-challenged mentwenty-eight-year-old Nan Cloutier is decided to enable pass of her previous and current hurts, discover a everlasting activity, and fall in love with the appropriate guy.

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Why in the world had I felt so suddenly inadequate in front of her? That wasn't in the least like me. I shrugged, checked my hair, and walked back down the dingy hallway to our usual table. I could accept I wasn't wealthy enough to don her kind of duds anywhere outside a dressing room. I recognized my life wasn't about expensive hair and designer shoes and text messaging and catering. Every woman who wafted through Mercer-Iverson in the last two weeks would have hammered home that lesson to me if I'd never learned it before.

Damien kept his hands squarely around my middle, away from any dangerous spots. "No wandering fingers," I warned. He rocked me in front of the mirror, his head over my shoulder. Fending off Damien's continual barrage of propositions over the months hadn't been easy. Fast-forwarded in my memory, all those successful deflected passes made me feel like Wonder Woman, repelling German bullets with her magic bracelets. "So why don't we break that streak sometime? " It amazed me how badly I sometimes wanted to.

Iverson's face. "Straight to the hospital for me. M. 50) I gazed deep into my friend Ambrose's hazel eyes. " From our long table I made a sloppy gesture to the familiar front door beneath its panel of blue and green stained glass. Emmett, the man in question, lounged against the wall, blond and smiling, speaking to one of the old regulars. His hands were clasped around a tall mug of the same lager I'd been drinking for the previous half hour. " "Unshaven," I echoed. "Unshaven and stubbly…" Ambrose rested his nose and cheekbone on the knuckles of his right hand and followed my gaze.

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