Chaos Mode (Mode, No. 3) by Piers Anthony

By Piers Anthony

Followed through a king from one other planet, a telepathic horse, and a wierd, tentacled alien, Colene is heading domestic to Earth to reunite together with her estranged parents--and to place apart her afflicted prior as soon as and for all.

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The crab retreated again, but not as far as before. "If only my magic worked, I could make a boat," Nona said. " Colene pounced on that. "Some of your magic works, Nona! You made a familiar. So maybe some of your other magic works, too. " "Yes. I tried levitation, telekinesis, transformation, shape-changing, and illusion. The illusion was just a bit of fog, with no control. I haven't tried healing, because nobody's been hurt, but—" Colene held up her left arm. There were scars on her wrist. " That was a good way to test it, because Nona's magic did work on scars too.

Colene looked at Darius. Nona knew what the girl was thinking: she wanted Darius to be the leader, though Colene herself, with her limited power of telepathy, was the most likely leader. Nona had seen Colene in action in her own reality of Julia, and knew that the girl was a natural fighter in her fashion. But she loved Darius, so wanted him to lead. Darius seemed to come to the same conclusion. But it was evident that he had little notion how to proceed. He had tried to brace the monster, and Colene had had to spring to his rescue.

We girls don't like to have our breasts touched, unless we decide it's okay. Or even other parts of our bodies. But men keep trying to do it. " Burgess concluded that the aliens understood his situation. He agreed to be carried. They rehearsed it with a heavy branch, tramping along the ragged path to the aisle beyond. They set the branch carefully down. Everything seemed to be in order. They approached Burgess. Darius put his hands on two of the floater's front canopyscales, and Colene and Nona did the same with the rear scales.

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