Chemical Deterioration of Proteins by John R. Whitaker and Masao Fujimaki (Eds.)

By John R. Whitaker and Masao Fujimaki (Eds.)

content material: evaluate at the chemical deteriorative alterations of proteins and their outcomes / Robert E. Feeney --
Posttranslational chemical amendment of proteins / Rosa Uy and Finn Wold --
Chemical adjustments in elastin as a functionality of maturation / Robert B. Rucker and Michael Lefevre --
Photooxidative harm to mammalian cells and proteins through seen mild / L. Packer and E.W. Kellogg, III --
Chemical deterioration of muscle proteins in the course of frozen garage / Juichiro J. Matsumoto --
upkeep of enzymes by way of conjugation with dextran / J. John Marshall --
alterations occuring in proteins in alkaline answer / John R. Whitaker --
Amino acid racemization in alkali-treated foodstuff proteins : chemistry, toxicology, and dietary results / Patricia M. Masters and Mendel Friedman --
Deterioration of foodstuff proteins by means of binding undesirable compounds equivalent to flavors, lipids and pigments / Soichi Arai --
Deteriorative adjustments of proteins in the course of soybean nutrients processing and their use in meals / Danji Fukushima --
Suicide enzyme inactivators / Brian W. Metcalf.

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This r e v e r s i b i l i t y i s e a s i l y achieved by treatment w i t h low concentrations o f a reducing agent. D e t e c t i o n and Determination o f D e t e r i o r a t e d P r o t e i n s The d e t e c t i o n and determination o f d e t e r i o r a t e d p r o t e i n s are two areas t h a t plague the b a s i c r e s e a r c h e r , the c l i n i c i a n , and the p r a c t i c a l food t e c h n o l o g i s t . S i m p l e , workable methods are u s u a l l y j u s t not a v a i l a b l e .

G . , a often u s e l e s s . Changes i n o p t i c a l r o t a t i o n o f the i n d i v i d u a l amino a c i d s as a r e s u l t o f racemization can now be determined by several micro methods (55_). More advances i n these procedures w i l l undoubtedly be forthcoming soon. Sometimes an i n v e s t i g a t i o n o f the d e t e r i o r a t i v e r e a c t i o n has n e c e s s i t a t e d the development o f new methods, o r a t l e a s t the r e ­ finement o f o l d e r methods, i n order to q u a n t i t a t e the d e t e r i o r a ­ t i o n s .

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