Circle of Eight: Creating Magic for Your Place on Earth by Jane Meredith

By Jane Meredith

Circle of Eight is a thrilling new method of magic that's in keeping with your geography, your weather, and your stories. Circle of Eight can be utilized to rejoice the fairs of the Wheel of the 12 months; to create an on-going ritual team; and to discover and strengthen magical courting with the land round you.

Providing directions on easy methods to arrange your individual Circle of 8 and tales illustrating very important magical rules, the Circle of Eight extensively re-invents our dating to standard circle magic.

Suitable for newbies looking ritual and magic which are suitable to them in addition to complicated practitioners, this publication is helping you step deeply into the robust magic of the instructions and the good Wheel of the yr.

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The Matrix - self-aware fear as the voice described it - developed an agenda of its own and sought to generate as much fear as possible to empower and expand itself. The reason the Matrix needs fear as an energy source is because it is fear. The more fear its manipulations generate through wars, conflict, stress, guilt and aggression, the greater its power to increase this cycle of fear-production. As the voice was describing all this, I was shown scenes from the Disney cartoon movie, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, in which the sorcerer created an entity to do all the jobs he didn't want to do, but then the entity took over and became the sorcerer's controller.

Thus, it is and it isn't; it is everywhere and nowhere, everything and nothing. It is All Possibility in perfect balance. The 'voice' spoke to me for some five hours and another veil lifted for me that night. I have begun to understand new levels of the game thanks to what I learned in the ayahuasca experience, the ever-expanding insights that have followed, the knowledge given to me by the synchronicity in my life and, increasingly, the way I am seeing through the 'solid' world of illusion. These new levels are centres of awareness, control and manipulation from which the 'Reptilians' and Tlluminati' are made manifest.

Carol, a psychic friend of mine, told me some months before I started this book that I would now be dealing with information that could not be proven, but that people needed to know. This has certainly turned out to be the case. While much of what I am going to say is supportable by even mainstream science, a lot of it is not. Or, at least, not yet at this point in scientific knowledge. But that doesn't mean it's not true and it doesn't matter anyway because I'm not asking anyone to believe it.

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