Clairvoyance and Occult Powers by Swami Panchadasi

By Swami Panchadasi

There's in each person a feeling which isn't often famous as such, even supposing approximately everybody has had roughly adventure relating to its workings. I consult with the feel of the presence of alternative dwelling issues, separate and except the operation of any of the 5 traditional actual senses. I ask you to appreciate that i'm now not claiming that this can be a better experience than the opposite actual senses, or that it has come to guy in a excessive nation of evolution. to the contrary, this feeling got here to residing issues a long way again within the scale of evolution. it really is possessed via the better sorts of the decrease animals, akin to the pony, puppy, and nearly all of the wild beasts. Savage and barbaric males have it extra hugely built than it truly is when it comes to the civilized guy. actually, this actual feel will be termed nearly vestigal in civilized guy, simply because he has now not actively used it for plenty of generations. The occultist in simple terms re-awakens those senses that have been nearly misplaced to the race. via use and workout he then develops them to an excellent talent, to be used at the actual airplane.

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Horus has found you, and it goes well with him through you. Horus has caused the gods to ascend to you. He has given them to you, that they may brighten your face. Horus has set you at the forefront of the gods, he has bidden that you seize the white crown, the Mistress (or, “all that is yours”). . Horus has assembled the gods for you, and they will not abandon you in the place to which you have gone. Horus has mustered the gods for you, and they will not abandon you in the place where you have drifted in the water.

There is no limb of yours that is free of a god. 30 The deceased can thus say of himself: My limbs are gods, I am entirely a god, no limb of mine is without a god. I walk as a god, I come out as a god. The gods have transformed themselves into my body, I am one whose form changes, lord of transfiguration. My limbs lead me, my flesh clears the way for me. Those which arose from me protect me, they are pleased with what they formed. ” The text plays on this double meaning: limb by limb, the gods turned into the body of the deceased, but they also arose from this body, and the deceased could say of himself that he formed, engendered, and brought forth the gods.

Here, a step in this direction will be undertaken. This contribution can be built on earlier works but not on earlier models. For a long time now, there has been no comprehensive book on Egyptian mortuary religion. The fundamental and oft-cited book by Hermann Kees, Totenglauben und Jenseitsvorstellungen der alten Ägypter, which has achieved the status of a classic, is a rich and especially philological collection of material, but it is without contour or perspective, and it is essentially confined to the Old and Middle Kingdoms.

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