Colloquial Afrikaans: The Complete Course for Beginners by Bruce Donaldson

By Bruce Donaldson

Colloquial Afrikaans offers a step by step path in Afrikaans because it is written and spoken in South Africa and Namibia at the present time. Combining a trouble-free strategy with an intensive therapy of the language, it equips newbies with the fundamental abilities had to speak with a bit of luck and successfully in Afrikaans in a vast diversity of events. No past wisdom of the language is required.

Key positive aspects include:

• innovative insurance of talking, listening, examining and writing abilities

• dependent, jargon-free reasons of grammar

• an intensive diversity of centred and stimulating workouts

• lifelike and interesting dialogues masking a extensive number of eventualities

• important vocabulary lists through the text

• extra assets on hand in the back of the e-book, together with an entire solution key, a grammar precis and bilingual glossaries

Balanced, accomplished and worthwhile, Colloquial Afrikaans can be an vital source either for self reliant newcomers and scholars taking classes in Afrikaans.

Course components:

The entire direction includes the booklet and audio fabrics. those can be found to buy individually in paperback, booklet, CD and MP3 structure. The paperback and CDs is additionally bought jointly within the great-value Colloquials pack.

Paperback: 978-0-415-20672-3 (please observe this doesn't contain the audio)

CDs : 978-0-415-30072-8

eBook: 978-0-203-82682-9 (please notice this doesn't comprise the audio, to be had from

MP3s: 978-0-415-47112-1 (available from

Pack : 978-0-415-44173-5 (paperback and CDs)

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Extra info for Colloquial Afrikaans: The Complete Course for Beginners

Example text

Možete li€…? [mojeteh lee] can I have€…? mogu li dobiti€… [mogoo lee dobeetee] I can’t€… ne mogu€… [nemogoo –] Canada Kanada Canadian (adj) kanadski [kanadski] I’m Canadian (said by man/ woman) ja sam Kanađanin/ Kanađanka [ya sam kanajaneen/ kanajanka] canal kanal cancel otkazati [otkazatee] candies bomboni [bombonee] candle svijeća [sveeyecha] canoe kanu [kanoo] canoeing vožnja kanuom [vojnya kanoo-om] can opener otvarač za limenke [otvarach za leemenkeh] English ➜ Croatian by Thursday do četvrtka [chetvertka] bye doviđenja [doveejenya] 41 English ➜ Croatian ABCDEFGHIJKLCa 42 cap (headwear) kapa car auto (m) [aooto] by car autom carafe boca [botsa] a carafe of house white, please bocu točenog bijelog vina, molim [botsoo tochenog beeyelog veena moleem] caravan kamp prikolica [preekoleetsa] caravan site kamp carburettor karburator [karboorator] card karta my (business) card moja vizitka [mo-ya veezeetka] cardigan vesta na kopčanje [kopchan-yeh] cardphone telefonska govornica [govorneetsa] careful oprezno be careful!

Zovete se? [zoveteh seh] apricot marelica [mareleetsa] April travanj [travan] are*: we are mi smo [mee] you are vi ste [vee steh] they are oni/one/ona su [onee/oneh – soo] area područje [podrooch-yeh] area code poštanski broj [poshtanskee broy] arm ruka [rooka] arrange: will you arrange it for us? možete li nam to organizirati? [mojeteh lee nam to organeezeeratee] arrival dolazak arrive stići [steechee] when do we arrive? kada stižemo? [steejemo] has my fax arrived yet? je li stigao moj faks? [yeh lee steegao moy] we arrived today danas smo stigli [steeglee] art umjetnost [oom-yetnost] art gallery umjetnička galerija [oom-yetneechka galereeya] artist umjetnik [oom-yetneek] (woman) umjetnica [oomyetneetsa] as: as big as velik kao [veleek] as soon as possible čim mogoocheh] ashtray pepeljara [pepelyara] ask pitati [peetatee] I didn’t ask for this nisam to tražio [neesam to trajeeo] could you ask him to€…?

Koliko je još daleko Varaždin? [koleeko yeh yosh daleko varajdeen] about 5 kilometres oko pet kilometara [keelometara] 61 English ➜ Croatian fuse osigurač [oseegoorach] the lights have fused pregorio je osigurač [pregoreeo yeh] fuse box kutija s osiguračima [kooteeya soseegooracheema] fuse wire žica za osigurač [jeetsa] future budućnost [boodoochnost] in future ubuduće [ooboodoocheh] G ABCDEFGHIJKLFu 62 gallon* galon game igra [eegra] garage (petrol) benzinska pumpa [benzeenska poompa] (repair) autoservis [aootoservees] (parking) garaža [garaja] garden vrt [vert] garlic češnjak [cheshnyak] gas plin [pleen] (US: petrol) benzin [benzeen] gas cylinder plinska boca [pleenska botsa] gasoline benzin [benzeen] gas permeable lenses porozne leće [porozneh lecheh] gas station benzinska pumpa [benzeenska poompa] gate vrata (at airport) izlaz [eezlaz] gay gay gay bar gay bar gear brzina [berzeena] gearbox mjenjač [m-yenyach] gear lever ručica mjenjača [roocheetsa m-yenyacha] general opći [opchee] gents (toilet) muški [mooshkee] genuine pravi [pravee] German (adj) njemački [n-yemachkee] German measles rubeola [roobeola] Germany Njemačka [n-yemachka] get dobiti [dobeetee] will you get me another one, please?

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