Colloquial German (Colloquial Series) by Dietlinde Hatherall

By Dietlinde Hatherall

Colloquial German is straightforward to take advantage of and entirely updated. in particular written through an skilled instructor for self-study or classification use, the path provide you with a step by step method of written and spoken German. 60-minute cassettes can be found to accompany Colloquial German . Recorded through local audio system, those recordings may also help you with pronunciation and listening abilities. This paperback within the Colloquial Language studying sequence is obtainable separately or as a part of a pack. for additional information, please check with the cassette pack directory for this language.

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Obung 4E /f}-r Our complete list of prepositions to date is von/vom; nach; zu/zum/zur; bis zum; mit; auf; in/im; fiir. Slot the correct preposition into each of the following sentences. We have provided an equivalent English preposition to 'translate' in each case, but note that a given English preposition is not always translated by one and the same preposition in German. 1 Was kostet eine Postkarte [to] 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Gro8britannien? lch mochte zwei Briefmarken [@] achtzig Cent. Wie komme ich [to the] Hotel Miiller?

4552 9118 5727 6336. Bis w ann ist lhre Karte gultig? Until when is your card valid? e. l Bis Oktober zweitausendundzehn Ubung 4A Find equivalents in Text 4 for the following nouns. Write them, with a capital letter, in three columns and preceded by der, dus or die. When you have finished, your German nouns should nppear in alphabetical order in each colu mn. ~:ach masculine thanks l ~nglishman lift suitcase May surname name floor, storey first name place of residence room key neuter bath double room single room luggage room feminine sh ower receptionst [female] credit card night n ationality number passport number side stairs [singular in German] signature Ubung 48 Find German equivalents in Text 4 for the following sentences/ phrases.

When you check your answers, pay particular attention to spelling: each of your questions should contain four words only, and three of the four words need to be written with a capital le tter! 10 What is your credit card number? inf zwei- neun eins eins acht-fiinf sieben zwei sieben- sechs drei drei sechs 20 What is your telephone number? 2A null- vierundfiinfzig- neunundachtzig-einunddreiflig- neunzehn 30 What is your passport number? 3A zweiundzwanzig-fiinfundvierzig- zwolf-dreizehn-E Adjectives [f we wish to describe any noun by putting an adjective in front of it, we have to give the adjective an ending.

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