Colloquial Navaho by Robert W. Young, William Morgan

By Robert W. Young, William Morgan

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Ago NOPQ ^_`abcde mata hantai (no) agent by air (travel) futo against (opposed to) 6 kuki LM airmail envelope &' age eizu IJK ¢£¤¥¦§ alcohol dokan desu kyotei arukoru ¨©ª«¬ alcoholic drink ­® osake ¯°±²³ all of it although it’s expensive ´µ¶¸¹ º»¼ @ABCDE zembu FGHI ½¾¿ÀÁÂÃÄÅ ÆÇÈÉÊË allergic: I’m allergic to ... watashi wa … arerugi desu ÌÍÎÏÐÑÒÓÔ Õ i desu ka? "#$ I’m all right daijobu desu %&'() are you all right? daijobu desu ka? /0 almost hotondo 1234 alone hitori 567 already 89 also mo … mo :; although always am*: I am watashi wa … desu MNOPQ am: at 7am gozen shichiji ni RSTUV at 1am gozen ichiji ni WXYZ[ amazing (surprising) odoroku- beki \]^_ (very good) subarashi `abcd ambulance efg kyukyusha call an ambulance!

Basuto °±² (between friends) ja ne busy (restaurant etc) ³´µ¶¸ konde iru I’m busy tomorrow ashita wa isogashi desu %&'( C ¹º»¼½¾¿ÀÁ ABCDEFGHIJKLBu but demo cabin (on ship) Âà butcher’s ÄÅ )* niku-ya (in mountains) yamagoya +,- butter bata cable car button botan café kis·saten kaimasu cake keki ÆÇÈ 456 ÌÍÎÏ where can I buy ...? 789 doko de … ga kaemasu ka? @AB lunar calendar CD kyureki call (verb: to phone) shimasu denwa calligraphy shodo kore wa nan to imasu ka? camcorder bideo-kamera what’s it called?

62 kitanai 9: shimasu +, yogore disabled: disabled person ÐÑ éê 123456 dirty shokudo dinner (evening meal) direction denwa-ban·go-an·nai 78 ÉÊËÌÍ ÎÏ /0 directory enquiries dirt muzukashi dining room (of company) shacho kacho abcdefgh disaster ij saigai this is a disaster hidoi desu kore wa klmnopqr disco disuko stuv wx waribiki dizzy: I feel dizzy is there a discount? waribiki ni narimasu ka? "# what shall we do? nani o shimasho ka? disgusting iya (na) dish (meal) ryori ¦§¨©ª «¬ $%&'()*+, how do you do it?

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