Come and Get Me by Alyssa Brooks

By Alyssa Brooks

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A man with no face rose and walked toward her. Then another. And another. " The chanting surrounded her, haunting her, making her stomach churn with the urge to disappear. "Did you think you could get away with this? Did you think--” She hadn’t, had she? COME AND GET ME/Brooks 50 Her cop reappeared and joined the men surrounding her. Slowly, they closed in on her, until she felt like she’d suffocate from all the menflesh in her face. Their hands were everywhere, roughly invading the most intimate areas of her body.

Dylan relaxed in the hot sand and unleashed his fantasies. God, he wanted to make her pant. Beg. Scream. He wanted to see her backside bent in front of him, Sadie at his mercy, and loving every moment of his paddling. Then he’d fuck her from behind, holding onto her sweet ass and really pounding into her, hard and fast, so she never, ever forgot. So she never dreamed of another man. Of leaving. His prick grew, swelling with need as he imagined every stroke into her tight tunnel. The way she’d scream his name.

Damn. The line was dead. Had she lost the signal? Or had Dylan hung up on her and left her hanging? The bastard! Wait until she got her hands on him. But then again… He’d sounded so different over the line. Sexual. Primitive. Like a caveman. She envisioned herself as his prey. When he caught her, what would he do? She couldn’t restrain her fingers as she reminisced over his commands, imaging herself at his mercy. Her hand slipped between her folds, plunging deeper, moving faster, as she pondered the possibilities.

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