Composite Materials Handbook-MIL 17: Polymer Matrix by Us Dept Of Defense

By Us Dept Of Defense

This standardization guide has been constructed and is being maintained as a joint attempt of the dept of safety and the Federal Aviation management. It offers directions and fabric houses for natural polymer and steel matrix composite fabrics. It offers a regular resource of statistically-based mechanical estate information for present and rising composite fabrics, together with aramid, glass, boron, alumina, silicon carbide, and quartz fiber composites..

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Also a 95% lower tolerance bound for the upper 90% of a specified population. 4) B-Stage -- An intermediate stage in the reaction of a thermosetting resin in which the material softens when heated and swells when in contact with certain liquids but does not entirely fuse or dissolve. Materials are usually precured to this stage to facilitate handling and processing prior to final cure. ) Bag Molding -- A method of molding or laminating which involves the application of fluid pressure to a flexible material which transmits the pressure to the material being molded or bonded.

Ambient -- The surrounding environmental conditions such as pressure or temperature. Anelasticity -- A characteristic exhibited by certain materials in which strain is a function of both stress and time, such that, while no permanent deformations are involved, a finite time is required to establish equilibrium between stress and strain in both the loading and unloading directions. Angleply -- Same as Crossply. Anisotropic -- Not isotropic; having mechanical and/or physical properties which vary with direction relative to natural reference axes inherent in the material.

Binomial Random Variable -- The number of successes in independent trials where the probability of success is the same for each trial. Birefringence -- The difference between the two principal refractive indices (of a fiber) or the ratio between the retardation and thickness of a material at a given point. Bleeder Cloth -- A nonstructural layer of material used in the manufacture of composite parts to allow the escape of excess gas and resin during cure. The bleeder cloth is removed after the curing process and is not part of the final composite.

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