Compressed air systems: a guidebook on energy and cost by E. M Talbott

By E. M Talbott

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The motor can be designed with a unity or leading (capacitive) pf. The leading pf can be achieved by over exciting the rotor field at the expense of slightly reduced operating efficiency. Synchronous motors have several advantages over induction motors including: Synchronous motors have a unity or leading pf and can improve industrial plant average pf. 2 pf. Synchronous motors have higher electrical efficiencies due to dc excitation of rotors (13% higher than same size and speed inductive or dc motor).

This is known as co-generation and a great many studies have been made of this subject. Sometimes the availability of natural gas makes gas-powered compressors economic. Some reciprocating compressors are manufactured for this purpose, as integral engine/compressor machines. Normally, gas turbine, diesel, or Otto cycle engine power is not economic for stationary, continuous service compressor installations, except in special circumstances. 3 Driver Connection to Compressors Small reciprocating compressors most often are belt driven.

Constant speed is maintained regardless of load or line voltage. The synchronous motor can be designed for low speeds (multi-pole) and direct drive applications. Page 39 Figure 3-12 Typical Speed/Torque Characteristics of Polyphase Synchronous Motor Page 40 Figure 3-13 Comparison of Electrical Electrical Efficiencies of Synchronous and Squirrel Cage Induction Motors at Full Load as a Function of hp and Design Speed, 60 Hz. 2 Other Driver Types Factories which are generating high pressure steam for other reasons may find it economic to operate steam turbine driven compressors, especially if the compressors are dynamic types.

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