Coyote Dreams by C.E. Murphy

By C.E. Murphy

A lot of town cannot get up. And extra are drowsing off every day. rather than robust forces storming Seattle, a extra insidious invasion is going on. such a lot of Joanne Walker's fellow police officers are down with the blue flu—or relatively the blue sleep. but there is no actual reason a person can element to—and it retains spreading. It should be magical, Joanne figures. yet what is up with the loopy desires that hit her each time she closes her eyes? Are they being despatched by means of Coyote, her still-missing spirit consultant? The messages simply aren't transparent. in some way Joanne has to get up her drowsing buddies whereas preserving these nonetheless wakeful, work out her inner-spirit dream existence and, yeah, come to phrases with those different desires she's having approximately her boss….

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That was safer than feeling up Mark’s shirt. ” Not that there was much dress code anywhere in Seattle—casual wear, hallmark of the Northwest, was accepted anywhere I ever ate—but Mark looked nice, and I didn’t have anything between jeans and sweaters and my dress uniform.  I’d barely gotten them grease‐stained. ” Phoebe turned a very bright grin on Mark and grabbed my upper arm as solidly as she’d taken Mark’s. ” “I, uh,” I managed one more time, and Phoebe dragged me off to my apartment. ” She shed her denim jacket as she spoke, revealing worn hip‐hugging jeans and a black sleeveless spandex shirt that said “Hottie” in rhinestones across her breasts.

That was what everyone expected, and I didn’t want to disappoint them.  Later I would become more active in these rituals, but for now I was the student. A part of me, far beneath the music and the taffy feeling, said, so this is how it should have been, but that didn’t make much sense to me as I snapped apart from my body and drifted into a place of absolute quiet blackness.  I drifted for what felt like a long time, watching them, aware that somewhere behind the bones of my ears, I could still hear the drums beating.

Mark gave me a disarming smile.  “Tell me to screw off if it’s none of my business, but I’m really curious about what Gary mentioned this morning.  Either that or I was going to have to develop a secret identity, and I didn’t think I had the body for running around in leather catsuits.  I told myself that, and very firmly did not let myself start thinking about my boss. ” I went back to perusing the menu, fully aware that Mark had changed the subject deliberately and gracefully to let me off the hook, and grateful for the reprieve.

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