Crave by Melinda Metz

By Melinda Metz

Shay has had an extraordinary blood disease due to the fact that she used to be born. in reality, her mom married one in every of Shay's medical professionals, Martin, who left his world-renowned leukemia learn to attempt and determine precisely what the sickness is and the way to remedy it. while she turns seventeen, Martin starts to provide her new blood transfusions that make her suppose the most powerful she has ever felt. yet she additionally has strange visions the place she sees in the course of the eyes of a vampire. before everything, she thinks she needs to be imagining the visions, but if she starts to work out Martin's place of work in them, she understands she has to examine it out. that is whilst she reveals Gabriel, a horny, teenaged vampire, imprisoned in Martin's place of work. the relationship she has outfitted with Gabriel compels her to set him unfastened. but if he kidnaps her in an try at revenge on Martin, their lives turn into deeply intertwined. She does not be aware of the 1/2 it.

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Olivia sounded exasperated. Shay went along, letting herself lean on Olivia a little. 舠You could舗ve killed yourself,舡 Olivia said. 舠But I didn舗t,舡 Shay replied. A week ago, I would舗ve. 舒and I舗m still here. 舡 舠You overdid it,舡 Shay舗s mother said, frowning across the green beans. 舠I舗m fine; I舗m just tired,舡 Shay protested. 舡 Her mother shook her head. It was clear she thought she understood Shay舗s body better than Shay did. 舡 Martin asked. 舡 The questions were in Martin舗s detached, thoughtful doctor voice.

The peer pressure was to sit in study hall like always,舡 Shay said. Her mother shook her head again. Martin took a second helping of salad, half of it landing on the tablecloth instead of his plate. His big hands were surprisingly clumsy when he wasn舗t performing some kind of medical procedure. 舠Just the tip of the iceburg,舡 he joked as he swept the spilled lettuce into his napkin. He never seemed to run out of the puns. Shay gave him her usual fake smile, but her mother was still busy studying Shay through narrowed eyes.

Boutry blinked in confusion. 舠Medically induced visions, heightened imagination, that kind of thing 舰舡 Shay舗s words trailed off. She was never going to convince this woman that she wasn舗t looking at death books because she was going to be dead soon. Shay sighed. Clearly, a visit to the school psychologist would be in her future. 舠I had a weird reaction to my last treatment,舡 she said. Mercifully, the bell rang before Mrs. Boutry could ask if it had led to a near-death experience. Shay shoved the book back onto the shelf and edged past the librarian.

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