Damaged Goods (Doctor Who: The New Adventures) by Russell T. Davies

By Russell T. Davies

The medical professional fights the scourge of gear on a council property in Eighties Britain yet there's a way more risky adversary that's pervading the scene. it truly is hooked up with an obsessive girl, a distinct baby and a determined cut price made one Christmas Eve.

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Mrs Hearn considered that his smile was a remarkable thing; you could tumble into that smile and happily lose yourself there. Mrs Hearn knew that her age belied the fact that she’d had enough wild, hot times of her own in the past, and she inched closer to the Doctor and said, ‘There’s no husband. Mr Tyler’s long gone. Winnie’s proof that there’s precious little men are needed for. ’ ‘But that’s the point,’ said the Doctor, not returning the flirtation. ‘She can manage, her kids are fine and she’s keeping them above the breadline.

Her voice was trembling, but stem. ‘Now just you look at that, Gabriel Tyler. There’s bodies in there, for all we know, maybe grown men burnt to coal, and if they’re dead then it’s by their own hand. Live by the sword and die by the sword, I’ve told you that, haven’t I? And there’s the proof. Look at me when I’m talking to you –’ Gabriel had turned away, but now looked at Winnie with a solemn expression, sticking out his bottom lip. ‘They’ve brought those flames on themselves,’ Winnie continued, more passion in her voice, ‘and if they suffered as they died, Gabriel, if they screamed and begged for their mothers and roasted their hands trying to put out their burning hair, then we should be glad.

No,’ she said. ‘There’s nothing more. So leave it. ’ The Doctor stood, stretched his arms, and said, ‘Well. ’ The unlikely quartet walked across town, from the comparative wealth of the city centre to the poorer districts of the south- west, and the sun showed them no mercy. Only the Doctor remained oblivious to the heat, striding along in his jacket and jumper as though sweat were an impossible thing. Around them, shops and houses became more shabby, some boarded up, some graffiti’d. Tired women sat on doorsteps, picking their teeth, and skinhead children with dirty faces swore and ran.

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