Dark Celebration

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As fact slips and time stands nonetheless, Consuela unearths herself thrust into the realm of the move. faraway from all she loves into this moving international overlapping our personal, Consuela speedy discovers she has the facility to step out of her earthly pores and skin and cloak herself in new ones-skins made of the area round her, made from water, fireplace, air.

Guilty Pleasures

A steamy assortment from Bertrice Small, who "creates cover-to-cover ardour" (Publishers Weekly) Carla, Tiffany, Nina, and J. P. have already gotten significant play at the Channel, a mystery, women-only interactive cable community. Now they're going to perform much more fantasies with a suite of seductive characters they'd basically meet of their goals.

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I think they wanted out of peeling potatoes. ” Mikhail scowled. ” “I have heard you can be intimidating,” Aidan said with a small grin. Mikhail’s smile was slow in answering. ” He shook his head, then paused, looking suddenly hopeful. “Unless it was Josef . ” He watched the furious battle taking place on the television screen. Alexandria’s brother Josh, curls bouncy on his head as he used a controller, laughed aloud as his character did a backflip over Josef ’s character. Josef, directing his character with his mind, had the man whirling around so fast he nearly tripped over his own feet.

Shea traced his mouth with her fingertip. ” Mikhail said in greeting as Aidan Savage opened the door to the large cabin. Mikhail hadn’t seen him in several years and he couldn’t help smiling as he clasped Aidan’s forearms in a warrior’s greeting. Aidan’s unusual eyes glittered like two ancient gold coins. ” Mikhail hesitated in the doorway, the lines in his face deepening in disapproval. “This seems to be the place to gather. Josh has a new video game Alexandria designed and everyone wants to try it.

Jacques turned on her, swooping her into his arms before she could protest, dragging her close, so that the flour rained down on her, looking like snow in her bright hair, coating her clothes and dusting her chin. He buried his face in her neck, deliberately rubbing against her as he nuzzled the warm bare skin, teeth nipping playfully. Shea laughed, her arm circling his head, protesting even as she held him to her. Jacques’s much larger frame nearly dwarfed her, and his long hair, tied with a leather thong, fell down his back in a wild mane in which she tangled her fingers to hold him even closer.

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