Economics of the Caspian Oil and Gas Wealth: Companies, by Y. Kalyuzhnova

By Y. Kalyuzhnova

This ebook explores the financial demanding situations curious about handling hydrocarbon wealth in the Caspian area, and appears at how to design an optimal strength coverage. The publication draws on the Author's adventure in facing the governments of the zone, and her knowledge of the role of significant businesses within the zone.

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7 per cent of respondents think that reforms did help the country and only 9 per cent are deny their positive impact. 8 per cent precise question is: Do you think the reforms have helped people of Kazakhstan more generally? 9 per cent state that they cannot see this positive impact. However, the picture is different when the respondents were asked to evaluate whether or not the reforms helped them personally. 6 per cent think that personally they did not benefit much from the reforms. 8 Were you satisfied 10 and 20 years ago?

The over-arching goal of any resource-rich country's government, assuming some degree of democratic accountability or vision, will be to maximize the benefits for the whole nation from oil and gas wealth. The route through which the government will operate is a hydrocarbon agency/ministry. Its primary role is, or should be, managing the country's hydrocarbon industry to the long-term benefit of the nation. It is of course debatable what is 'long term' and who and how 'true benefit to the entire nation' are defined - and this needs to be seen in the light of governmental statements, manifesto and programmes on the development of the hydrocarbon resources.

We use the GDP index (1980=100) to measure national output. Oil/gas production and consumption are also measured in index form (OILC, GASC, OILP, GASP). Table LS presents the p-values corresponding to the null hypothesis of no Granger causality. A small p-value indicates a rejection of the null and to the finding of causality. 4556 Economic Development and Resource Dependence 17 links between GDP and gas consumption. For Azerbaijan our results strongly point to causal links between GDP and oil and gas production and GDP, while the remaining pairs are mostly statistically insignificant.

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