Panther Variants 1942-1945 by Hilary Doyle, Tom Jentz, Mike Badrocke

By Hilary Doyle, Tom Jentz, Mike Badrocke

The Panther Medium Tank used to be produced as an immediate results of early reports with the progressive Soviet T-34/76. Designers and army specialists mixed to provide a couple of diversifications to supply armoured help for the numerous branches of the German military. even if performing as a command communications automobile, keen on cellular air defence as a flakpanzer, a Panzer department restoration motor vehicle, or utilizing the turret as a static defence method, the Panther in its many types used to be the mainstay of Germany’s plan to maintain her enemies at bay on fronts. This booklet, the manufactured from 25 years of study, examines the varied Panther versions intimately.

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That history is punctuated by a series of technological developments that have allowed unmanned aircraft to gradually emerge from the shadow of the manned platform. The first driver for the development of unmanned aircraft came from the military. They could see the potential, even in the early stages of the evolution of manned air platforms. Since then, a number of operational drivers have also emerged that have had a catalyzing effect upon the development of unmanned aircraft. Not least among these is the development of asymmetric warfare and counter-insurgency operations.

Problems have arisen when UMA have been adapted to be able to be manually flown for part of the mission: a technique used in the Soviet Union in the early days when the pilot then ejected before the UMA was destroyed by an intercepting aircraft. Abbreviations AEW Airborne Early Warning AMRAAM Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile AQAP Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula BAMS Broad Area Maritime Surveillance BVR Beyond Visual Range CIA Central Intelligence Agency COBRA Coastal Battlefield Reconnaissance and Analysis COIN Counter Insurgency COMINT Communications Intelligence DARPA Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency ELINT Electronic Intelligence EUROPOL European Police Organization EW Electronic Warfare FATA Federally Administered Tribal Areas FEBA Forward Edge of the Battlefield Area HALE High-Altitude Long Endurance HUMINT Human Intelligence IAF Israeli Air Force IDF Israeli Defence Force IED Improvised Explosive Device IMINT Image Intelligence ISTAR Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Recognition JATO Jet-Assisted Take-Off JDAM Joint Direct Attack Munition LCS Littoral Combat Ship LRS-B Long-Range Strike-Bomber MEZ Missile Engagement Zone MOD Ministry of Defence MUAS Maritime Unmanned Air System NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization NRO National Reconnaissance Office NWFP North West Frontier Province ORBAT Order of Battle RATO Rocket-Assisted Take-Off RWR Radar Warning Receiver SEAD Suppression of Enemy Air Defence SIGINT Signals Intelligence TALD Tactical Air-Launched Decoy UAS Unmanned Air System UAV Unmanned Air Vehicle UCAS Unmanned Combat Air System UCLASS Unmanned Carrier-Launched Airborne Surveillance and Strike System UMA Unmanned Aircraft UOR Urgent Operational Requirement WAPS Wide Area Persistent Stare CHAPTER 1 Prologue This is a largely fictitious account of the last journey of Ilyas Kashmiri to Leman in South Waziristan that is written to provide an insight into the ways in which armed unmanned aircraft are used to track terrorists and insurgents.

His thoughts were then interrupted as the car lurched over a divot in the road and he quickly focused again on the matter in hand. For Kashmiri, Mir Ali and the local environs seemed to have become a new locus of drone attacks in the past few weeks. The attack on 16 May was far too close. He had lost four friends that day to the sting of the wasp. The single Hellfire missile had targeted a compound literally a few hundred metres away from this own hideaway from where he had plotted the attacks in Mumbai and the recently highly successful 17-hour-long occupation of the Pakistani naval base in Mehran near Karachi.

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